About KNR Wealth Management

We are here to serve a purpose to help enable you to live the American Dream. No matter where you’re from or what you do, if you contribute to this great nation then you deserve a piece of the pie. As a Fiduciary, we can do this in a way that other advisors can’t.

What is a Fiduciary?

KNR Consulting Group and Wealth Management Inc. is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, which means that we are legally required to act in the best interest of our clients in all situations. As fiduciaries, FINRA. requires us to pass a number of licensing exams that demonstrate our competence in financial securities. But more than that, we are held to a higher standard of care than other advisors. While other advisors are only required to sell products that are best-suited to your risk profile, we are required to find the products that are best suited to you, our client. And because we are not tied to any one product, we don’t suffer from conflict of interest.

Simply put, we give you the peace of mind that your retirement is in good hands so that you can sleep well at night.

you are our fiduciary responsibility

As a full-service wealth management and planning firm, we provide you with a team of dedicated professionals who work together to ensure all your important life decisions and concerns are taken into account. We then create a plan that holistically incorporates your investments, with your estate plan, and your tax strategies.

Since investments are only one piece of a much larger puzzle, it is vital to incorporate Social Security, tax strategies, legacy planning and estate planning into a comprehensive plan that maximizes your income and portfolio growth that continues into your retirement.

This integrated approach sets us apart from other firms who focus only on investments.

holistic is healthier

Our process begins with you. What are you goals? What your challenges? What is most important to you, and by extension, your family? In order to help you achieve your goals, we will start with answering these questions on a very personal level, getting a firm grasp of where you are right now.
We believe secured income investments should comprise the heart of your retirement portfolio, that way you can sleep at night knowing you will never run out of money. With a solid, stable foundation built on generating income, we look to the future and incorporate growth assets based on your retirement timeline and risk tolerance.
Our process is a hand-in-hand partnership with you that allows us to create a customized, actionable retirement plan to achieve your specific long-term goals. The relationships we have with our clients are why we do what we do, so we provide updates and reviews on a regular basis. And as your personal situation changes, we help guide you through all of life’s tricky curves. The ultimate result? The peace of mind of knowing you are on track to live comfortably in retirement.
holistic planning

The KNR Team

kevin knr

Learn about Kevin

Kevin Richards, RFC®
CEO & Financial Advisor

For more than a decade, Kevin Richards has helped clients develop the roadmap to their retirement dreams. 

Kevin’s process begins with client education. By addressing financial concerns and creating sound strategies, Kevin creates a personalized investment plan that can help get his clients where they want to go.

Kevin began his career as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. From there he began working with Veterans to secure a better life for them in retirement.

Kevin combines his vast knowledge of the complex issues surrounding Social Security, estate planning, taxes, and safe investing with his deep desire to help people transition successfully from active earning to retirement income. His goal is to create a plan that will not sacrifice lifestyle, or expose his clients to too much risk. 

Kevin Richards also regularly appears on Los Angeles television stations including KCAL 9 News and KTLA’s “Money Smart” segment to give financial advice.

Away from the office, Kevin spends his free time surfing with his daughter, boating, deep-sea fishing, and otherwise enjoying the sunshine, sea and the soft sand of Laguna Beach. 

Eric DiLeo, RFC®
Financial Advisor

Eric DiLeo is the proud son of a United States veteran and an Orange County native. Eric has always had a passion for helping others and will tell you that the greatest joy in life is the satisfaction one gets from doing so. Eric has spent most of his career as a consultant for the insurance, medical and service industries. Specializing in client education on the best available retirement options for their needs, he brings a passion and excitement to the planning process with each and every client he serves. 

Outside of KNR Consulting, Eric is an avid sailor, climber and outdoorsman and enjoys spending his free time with family and friends.

Steve Hermanne, RFC®
Retirement Planner

Steve Hermanne discovered his niche early in life after working in the banking and insurance industry. His passion is educating clients on various government benefits, Social Security, and retirement planning. Fluent in French, Italian and Spanish, Steve studied International Business at the University of Phoenix. During his free time, he enjoys photography, snowboarding, and playing the piano. “It is tremendously fulfilling to help my clients make a good decision for their long-term goals.”


Denise Popoca

Lead Account Manager

Denise Popoca is KNR's lead account manager. She is responsible for servicing all of our clients’ accounts. She organizes our advisers’ educational seminars, and helps keep everything running smoothly. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University of Fullerton. In her free time, Denise enjoys exploring new trails and parks in the cities of Orange County with her son and daughter.


Jessica Bayardo

Account Manager

Jessica is the account manager and marketing director here KNR Consulting Group. Jessica also helps coordinate events for the KNR team. She is responsible for answering questions on clients accounts, account maintenance, coordinating events, administrative work the our team, as well as setting up seminars. When Jessica isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Berenice Headshot Photo

Berenice Bayardo

Marketing Director

Berenice is responsible for connecting the advisors with their clients. She also handles marketing and administrative work for our team. She is at the forefront of communications within KNR Consulting Group. When Berenice isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. She likes spending time outdoors and being active as much as likes spending time indoors.

Get a free copy of Kevin's Book, Smart Money!

In Smart Money: Protecting and Growing Your Retirement Assets, Kevin Richards explores the relationship between earning money and building wealth. Many Americans do a perfectly fine job of earning money, but don’t have a grasp of the financial strategies that can enable them to effectively save and grow their money to put it to work for them.