Orange County’s trusted partner in retirement for more than a decade.

Our Commitment

From earning, to saving, to enjoying, to transferring, we are your committed partner at every stage of your financial life.

Because when it comes to what you hold dear – your future, your dreams, and the goals you’ve worked hard to achieve – you deserve a complete approach to your finances. 

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In Smart Money: Protecting and Growing Your Retirement Assets, Kevin Richards explores the relationship between earning money and building wealth. Many Americans do a perfectly fine job of earning money, but don’t have a grasp of the financial strategies that can enable them to effectively save and grow their money to put it to work for them.

Where Your Retirement Journey Starts

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What you build has a lasting story
We understand the importance of family. This is why your legacy is our mission.
Build Your Legacy
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Look Forward to Your Life
When it comes to your future, your goals are our goals. Part of our comprehensive planning process includes mapping a realistic route to your dream destinations.
Map Your Route
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Bring Your Future Into Focus
We start with a snapshot of your financial life as it is today. With this picture, we identifiy not your weaknesses, but your strengths. Then we develop a risk-adjusted plan that factors in your taxes (and capital gains), savings, windfalls, and estate planning. So rather than upend what has gotten you here, our holistic approach becomes a support structure to help you maximize your growth.
Get My Snapshot
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How Will You Retire?
The world is full of adventure, but transitioning your active career income to living off your investments shouldn't be a wild ride. If it you'd like a second opinion on whether you have enough, let us take a look.
Find Out if You Have Enough

we help you build and maintain Your american dream.

Your wealth was not built in a day. That is why we follow a strict, time-tested process to help ensure all aspects of your complete financial landscape are integrated into your custom retirement plan.

Our Process



We can’t help you plan for the retirement of your dreams until we know what you want to achieve. Our process begins by learning what stage of the process you are, and how much further you have before you get there.



Once we complete a thorough analysis, we provide you with a full picture of your entire financial life. We then organize each of your asset categories into prioritized focus groups to maximize your growth potential.



At this point in our relationship, we have a good idea of your current plans, your retirement goals, and your future needs. Next, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you secure and protect what you already have. Then we help it grow.



We then run numerous risk tests on your plan, including a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo Analysis. Geared with this analysis, we have one final meeting with your financial team, including tax and estate planning professionals, to ensure we are all on the same page.



Have up to date access to your financial plan through our client portal. You also have access to state-of-the-art tools that allow you to conduct a risk test of your portfolio versus market volatility at any time. And this is just the start.

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